Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tryin' Somethin' New...

Check on my bloglist, you will see Ohio Valley Sounds in the list. That of course is my DJ company, so go check it out let me know what you think! Comment there or here just let me know what you think!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Holy New Year...

Wow, I'm on a roll, another month has gone by.

I'm trying to figure out how it is that so many of you are able to post so often. (My literary imagination just doesn't work as well as others I guess, or maybe I'm realizing that I'm getting old and boring .)

I've been busy working, working and working some more. Carrie once commented that she thought it would be fun bartending (one of my jobs), well I've added one more job to my list of craziness (you would enjoy this one Carrie) I'm now a D.J. too! I'm not one on any radio but a D.J. that goes out to the bars and does entertainment. Have I mentioned before that I am "a jack of all trades"! (LOL)

Other than delivering beer, serving beer and now entertaining too, I've became a den leader for a local Cub Scout pack that Damon belongs to. So every Thursday evening Beautiful Wife and I are scrambling around trying to figure what activity to do with the boys for our hour of fun!

As far as duck season goes, I'm not sure if I'm even gonna make it out to have a chance at that rainbow trophy that I post pictures of (the Wood Duck). I keep telling myself that I'm gonna go the boat has been loaded in the back of the truck for a month now along with the decoys, calls and waders, but can't seem to get out of bed to go after working till 3 or 4 in the morning. I guess I truely am getting old, I can't pull off those good old 24 hour days anymore.

Ok I've rambled on long enough for now. I'll see if I can come up with some news or an old story or something so that I'm not another month before I make it back!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

WOW it's been awhile!

I never thought that it would be hard to come up with things to write about, afterall I have lots of opinions and thoughts about lots of stuff, right. Yet, for almost a month and a half I have been M.I.A. here in my little blog world. I go through the days and think who wants to know about stuff like that... And this morning I sit here realizing that there has been alot happen in the past several weeks so let me update you on some of the happenings.

The first Duck hunting season I failed to bring home any trophys, But I did find a few promising spots to hunt this season that just recently started. So hopefully that will be something to talk about for the next six weeks (other than the upcoming Christmas holiday.)

I believe I mentioned to you all before about the religious season of deer hunting here in the state of West Virginia. Well I did my duties as a man of this state (to go out with the guys and try to bring home one of these monsters that are hiding in the woods.) Notice that I said try... Thanksgiving day, my brother made it in to hunt so, I had to go hunt with my brother, right. (Beautiful Wife has alot more about T-day on her blog so I'll spare you hearing the details with all that agian.) We gathered together at about 5:30a.m. at AJ's (my brother) in-laws house, so we could hunt there. We got a plan together (who was going where and what time we would meet back at the house) afterall we all had to be somewhere for a dinner to. Doug (AJ's father-in-law) and I went out to this place he calls "the log". Doug talks about this log as if there is no better place in the world to hunt. Doug has told me many stories of the deer killed in that one spot, but I have hunted that spot with doug a few times now have not seen a trace of a deer there yet. The same went for that morning, as we ended our morning hunt and came up with a plan for what time we were going to meet up again we seperated ways for our dinner.

That afternoon we all met up again, with the addition of my son, Damon, who insisted he wanted to go deer hunting. That afternoon Damon and I went out to the pine thickit where we sat, hiding behind a fallen tree from the spring. We watched for about 2 hours before 2 does (female deer-for those who don't know) popped up over the hill, we watched them for about 10 minutes but could not get a good shot on either one before they went back over the hill. We sat there for about another 20 minutes, Damon wanting to go back to the house now, and suddenly 2 more deer come up. We watched and waited patiently, finally one comes out to a clear spot, now Damon is getting all excited because he sees me pull the gun up. I get this nice size deer in the cross hairs of my scope and realize that it is a buck (now I have to mention at this point I have this dissease I call buckitis, in about 20 years of hunting, I have never killed one of these horned monsters). So I go through the steps in my head, take a deep breath, hold steady, clear shot, safety off, and... BANG!!! Now somewhere between safety off and bang is where it all went wrong. I was holding on the center of the front shoulders making sure I was not going to miss this oportunity to get rid of my dissease, and yet I shoot right behind the rumpuss of this buck. So after going over just to make sure that there wasn't any blood or hair Damon and I headed for the house.

I'll be here at home almost all day today, just maybe I'll make it back for another before the day is up! There is a few more things to tell you about.

(I figure that I should point out that the pictures on this post are not of what I actually saw.)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Duck's on the Brain...

It's that time of year again...Duck season!

I grew up in West Virginia, where dear hunting is not a hobby but a religion. I too was one that every year went out in search of these four legged car wreckers, but a few years ago I was introduced to DUCK HUNTING!

In these few years that I have been into it, I am finding that I am obsessed with these ducks and one in particular...the Wood Duck! That is the picture you see above. They are absolutely amazing to watch in the wild. In the past week I've been able to watch 4 of them flying back and forth across the banks here on the Ohio River. When I first found out about this spectacular duck, I set my goal to get my first Wood Duck mounted.

So far Beautiful Wife does not have to look at any mounted ducks in the house but someday I will have that winged rainbow on my wall.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

So Where Have I Been?

Right here...that's right, I have been here around the house and of course at work. With my two jobs and what chores I have attemped around the house I haven't exactly felt much like writing on here lately.

I've been in a writers slump I guess cause I've been thinking about what to write or how to write about nothing. I still can't figure out how to write about my days of just normal routine, nothing exciting at all.

It is finally here. I've been thinking and waiting for this all year. Duck season starts in just a few days so hopefully I will have some stories by the time the week is up. The season for ducks starts Oct. 1 and ends the 11th. Beautiful Wife , the kids and I are going to visit Grampy in Georgia, so I'm going to miss the last part of the season but as long as my wife doesn't get too frustrated with me I'm going to hunt as many days as possible before we go. By the way Canadian Goose season will be in when we return from our trip so there should be lots to talk about in the approaching month.
I'm gonna go for now wish me luck for the upcoming season so that maybe there will be some new content to read about. Maybe something will inspire me while I'm hunting.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dad Sheds a Tear...

That is right, I had a tear rolling down my face yesterday. Now I better tell the story...right!

Yesterday we (the family) went out to get school stuff for the kids (Damon and Avery). While we were there, I figured it was time to let the kids have a treat since I've been working so much. Avery and I were walking through the mall and I see the Piercing Pagoda. I have always wanted her to be able to get her ears pierced (I think it is very cute.) But Erin has always said not til Avery gets older. Anyway I asked Avery if she would like to get her ears pierced and she excitedly responded YES. After a discussion with Erin, Avery convinced her Mom that she was ready and wanted them pierced. We went through the paperwork and Avery picked out her first set of earrings (little pink ones to be exact.)

I was as excited as Avery up to this point; then Avery ran around the counter and hopped up in this chair, for the piercing. Suddenly, mean 'ole Dad was not so sure this was a good idea (but as a man I held all that back.) Avery was ready and smiling right until the triggers were pulled and that is about the time I lost it too. Seeing my baby girl hurt was awful and to think that I am the one who brought this idea up made it even worse. Erin scooped Avery up as soon as she was done (Avery was a trooper not one tear until she was in Mommy's arms.) I had to get myself together quickly, so I wiped away a tear as Erin handed Avery to me. We showed Avery her ears in the mirror and she was back to smiling and happy just like that.

Today, a day later Avery loves her new fashionable ears, and I will say that they are adorable. I'm just glad it is over and she doesn't hate me for it today.

Avery you are a trooper and I'm glad you like your newest fashion! I love you Monkey Sue!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Long Time No Type...

I'm not even sure how to start this post...I'm having writers block! It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted, but I have been extemely busy.

I started a part-time job a couple of weeks ago, as a bartender/bouncer at a local club. So now I work 5 days a week (and try to get the overtime on Saturday too), and then normally I only work a few days at the club. The past week has been crazy...One of the bartenders has been on vacation, so I'm covering his shifts which means it is 7 days a week until he returns.

Anyway instead of rambling on about nothing I'll close with yet another yawn and try to get some rest so I can work again in a little while. Once I get some sleep and my brain is able to function properly again, I will start posting regularly again. So for you dedicated readers please bare with me.